Moisture Manager

Our Moisture Management Solution

Our Moisture Management solution is Hydretain®. It forms a subsurface film which attracts and stores moisture as microscopic droplets on plant roots and soil particle surfaces. The droplets are drawn into the roots while the Hydretain® remains in place extracting additional moisture from vapor in the soil. Hydretain converts this otherwise unavailable soil moisture into usable water droplets, reducing overall watering as much as 50% while eliminating or minimizing plant wilt cycles and drought stress.

Water has always been critical in our lives and now it has become more apparent. With drought and other water related issues being seen everyday in global and local news, Hydratain may be one of those untapped potentials to help save the world’s water resources. Just imagine what this product truly holds for our future. This could be an important chapter in our lives. Lets make it count!

Sign up for our 3 application program of Moisture Manager and receive 5% Off each application this year. That's an incredible savings along with as much as a 50% reduction in watering cost, keeping money in your pocket & your lawn looking greener all year long.

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