Family Owned And Operated Providing Lawn Care For Residential And Commercial Clients In DuPage County Since 1994

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Moore’s Lawn Maintenance Is The Finest Residential Property Maintenance Service In DuPage County.

We seek to serve greater DuPage residential communities with courtesy, professionalism and competitive pricing.

Our first priority is to deliver to our clients the contentment and serenity of a beautifully maintained property.

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Professional Service

We are family owned, operated and have been providing lawn maintenance for residential and commercial clients in DuPage County since 1994.

Easy Payments

We Accept all form of Payment. We will be happy to serve you.

Beautiful Results

We want you to love your lawn and we work hard to make it blossom for you with our environmentally-friendly products and methods.

Customer Reviews

“Moore’s Lawn was able to take our weed and bug filled lawn and turn it into a lawn we are truly proud of. Scot and his staff are knowledgeable about lawn care and maintenance for a healthy lawn.”

N. Gonzalez of Wood Dale, IL
Satisfied Customer
“You guys did a great job all season. Thanks so much.”

Bill P. of Glen Ellyn
Satisfied Customer
“Moore’s Lawn Maintenance is a reliable, professional company that is family owned and locally operated. They are a reliable and dependable company. Moore’s is very trustworthy when it comes to servicing their customers. I’ve been a customer of Moore’s Lawn Maintenance for over 10 years. It is because of their dependability, I highly recommend Moore’s Lawn Maintenance. They deserve their solid reputation!”

Cindy V. of Lombard, IL
Another Satisfied Customer

Lawn Maintenance Services


Lawn Fertilizing Package…

A good fertilizer program is the basis of a healthy lawn. We offer fertilization programs that are designed with your goals and your lawns condition in mind. 

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Have Your Lawn Core Areated Today…

Aeration is the removal of small cores of soil to allow air, moisture and fertilizer down to the root zone of your lawn.

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Insect Control Packages…

Our Mosquito Control can reduce your risk of potentially transmitted viruses and diseases such as West Nile, Malaria, Encephalitis and Dog Heartworm. Your family and pets are worth the small price to pay for this service!

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F.A.Q’s and what to do!

Do I need to core aerate my lawn?

Compacted soil and thatch are the two biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. They tend to suffocate grass plants by preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching the root zone. This means your lawn looks less than satisfactory in spite of adequate fertilization, water and tender loving care! Core Aeration opens up the thatch and helps relieve compaction. It should be a regular part of your annual lawn maintenance program.

Why was my lawn technician here only five to ten minutes?

We have specific tasks we are doing on each visit. Our equipment is calibrated to provide the proper rate, our vehicle is fully loaded for our day’s work, and we are well-organized, resulting in an efficient use of our time. We have a Triumph Sprayer/Spreader which is a machine that sprays weeds and fertilize at the same time. We will be many more times efficient than the average homeowner because of the above as well as the fact that we do this every day. When we are out on the lawn, we inspect the turf for potentially damaging insects, weeds, or diseases. 

How long should we stay off the grass?

As with any lawn application, it is suggested that you keep pets and children off the lawn until lawn application is dry. Since we use granular fertilizer, your wait time would be dependent on the amount of weed control that is applied. Usually 1-2 hours.

Why does my lawn look better in some areas than others?

Not all lawns are alike! Each lawn has its own distinction. Different soil types, shade versus full sun, or different types of grass usually play the biggest roles in the conditions of a healthy lawn. Different grass types can also show up during dry weather, as well as insects and disease play a factor as well.

How often should we water?

The average turf grass consumes about one inch of water a week. If there is not enough rain to meet the need, then watering is the only answer. Soil dries out from the surface downward. By deep watering you encourage deeper rooting of the grass. Water each area long enough to saturate the soil to a depth of six inches, that’s about one inch of water or 20 to 30 minutes per area, 3 times per week or 1 hour per week. When seeding, it’s about one inch of water or 20 to 30 minutes per area per day. If possible, apply most of this inch of water at one time in the early morning. Summer temperatures may affect your watering times due to evaporation. Evaporation may require you to water up to three inches in one week to give the plant an actual inch of water. We also have a product  called Moisture Manager that can help reduce watering time up to 50%. 

What length should my grass be mowed at?

Your lawn should be mowed at a minimum of 3” during the growing season. Depending on the lawn, maybe even a little longer. Your lawn should be mowed frequently enough so that you don’t remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade, at least once a week in the spring and fall when the lawn is growing more vigorous. The mower blades should be sharp and change directions of mowing as often as possible.

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